Air Brake Test Trolley (Pack of 2)

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Brake Trolley's are used after maintenance of the braking system on wagons and coaches to confirm the operation is in accordance with design and set-up criteria.

The Brake Trolley is supplied with air from a workshop compressor, and is fitted with a Driver Brake Valve to allow control the brakes as if the wagon or coach were coupled to a locomotive.

The Brake Trolley is connected to the wagon or coach using extra-long brake pipes, one for the brake pipe [BP] the red one, and the other for the main reservoir pipe [MRP], normally yellow and on 'two piped' vehicles only. Pressure gauges fitted on the front of the Trolley show MRP and BP pressure.

It is important for wagons and coaches to all brake evenly and consistently, therefore Brake Trolley's are used to enable measurements of leakage rates and the brake force build up and release times to be recorded. During each brake application and release operation the rise and fall time of the brake cylinder pressure on the wagon or coach is timed using a stopwatch.

When not in-use the extra-long brake pipes would be stored wrapped around the upper handles of the Brake Trolley before it's parked away neatly (haha) in the corner of the workshop.

Contains 2 Brake Test Trolleys

Length of Rubber Air Line

Comes Unpainted
Paint To Desired Colours
Primer Reccomended

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