Mile Posts - GWR style (Pack of 24)

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Mile posts - Great Western Railway (GWR) style - Pack of 24

Two-sets of mile posts (2 x 12 mile posts), each set covers a '3-mile' section of lineside

Each set contains
- 3 x Full mile posts - consecutively numbered
- 3 x quarter mile posts
- 3 x half mile posts
- 3 x three-quarter mile posts

You may like to pick-out the numbering on each mile post in black

Mile marker posts were introduced to in the UK from 1845 in the form of posts at quarter-mile intervals along the line-side. These are primarily as reference points that can be used to specify a position on the infrastructure, for example when reporting an incident or in connection with engineering work.

Each railway company developed their own style of mileposts, and today many of these different designs still exist on the trackside, although where Railtrack or Network Rail have replaced missing or damaged marker posts in recent years a standard simplified design has been used.

For over a century most mile posts were mostly painted white with black numbers, however from 1963 mile posts were generally painted yellow.

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