Lineside Gradient Sign Posts (Pack of 8)

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Gradient sign posts (white)

Packs of 8 sign posts with a variety of gradients 

Available in OO Gauge and O Gauge, please select * above

You may like to pick-out the numbering and lettering on each sign post in black

Gradients on the railway are rarely constant over any considerable length, and may change several times within the space of a mile.

Gradient signs were first used around 1850 with a sign placed at each location where the gradient of the line changes. Most gradient sign posts located on the lineside have two arms facing the track, one on either side of a post. The arms slant up or down to indicate the direction of the gradient, and have the gradient marked on them.

The gradient is expressed as a ratio, e.g. "1 in 200" (or "1:200")that means that the track rises (or drops) one unit for every 200 units travelled horizontally.

1 in 200 is therefore a steeper gradient than 1 in 500.

Some designs of gradient sign post do not show the first part of the ratio so 1 in 200 is shown merely as “200”.

In general gradient sign posts are painted white with black lettering, however from the 1970s onwards some are painted yellow.

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