Hunt Couplings ELITE **BUCKEYE** - Pack For HST Set With NEM Couplings - OO Gauge

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This is for 8 Pairs Of NEM Couplings for Hornby Mk3 Coaches and 2 Powercar NEM Couplings

Close Couple your HST Sets With Detailed Buckeye Couplings.

Since our launch of products back earlier this year many of you requested the option to be able to couple up your Locomotives/Carriages & Wagons, without concern for Polarity of Couplings, we wanted to ensure the product we developed would be of minimal size, strong enough & reliable.

With our new ELITE couplings you can never worry about polarity & formations never again, much work went into the Magnet Technology in these new couplings to allow the work of dual polarity's in one single compact coupling.

This is our new in house designed and produced magnetic coupling system, making coupling your locomotives, carriages & wagons much easier.

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