ZIMO 637P Plux 22 DCC Decoder

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Current Rating - Avg 1.2 Amps , Peak 2.5 Amps

Connector - Plux22

Size - 22 x 15 x 3.5 (mm)

Functions - 9

RailCom - Yes

Asymmetric DCC - Yes

KeepAlive/Standby (Available) - Yes

The compact design takes up a space of just 20×15mm. A motor current rating of 1.2A (2.5A peak of 20 sec) and provision of nine functions outputs. There is no in-built “stay-alive” circuitry on the chip but a SACC16 protection. Regulation circuit unit may be attached if required.

Suitable for all DC motors, including coreless types

Built in thermal cut-outs and overload protection

Automatic motor regulation and optimisation

20 or 40kHz ‘silent drive’ with back-EMF sampling

3&28 fully programmable speed curves

Special speed calibration to kmh or mph equivalents

Numerous lighting features

Shunting and half speed modes

Automatic signal and distance-controlled stopped (Other components might be required)

Software updated via track

RailCom equipped

Stay Alive Option?: Stay-Alive via LifeLink/SACC16

Instruction Manual Link: http://www.zimo.at/web2010/documents/MX-KleineDecoder_E.pdf

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