**NEW** Zimo MXTAP - DCC Decoder & Stay Alive Test Board For All Small Scale Decoders

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Zimo MXTAPV decoder test board - full version (connections for MTC 21pin, 8pin, 6pin, wires, Plux 12/16/22, Next18 + large scale)  

scale decoders. 

‐ Connections for MXULF or ZIMO base unit or other digital centres via double terminal block "TRACK" connectors, and

optionally (when sound loading should be done via SUSI) with "SUSI" cable.

‐ To test decoders, on the board, the following are available: DC motor, speaker (1 Watt), various LEDs for function outputs

and fan outputs (large scale), servo terminals (large scale), and wire connections to external loads.

The new (black) version has the following enhancements:

‐ 12 (instead of 8) terminals for wired decoders,

‐ ON/OFF switch (to make it easier to plug in the decoder without power)

‐ 3 keys for testing the inputs of the decoder (for example, to replace the cam sensor, which controls the steam chuffs)

‐ Shift jumper for "normal" or “logic" function outputs for decoders with the MTC interface (MX634D, -C, MX644D, -C)

‐ Additional terminals for external motors and speakers: handy if speakers are to be tested,

‐ various additional control LEDs, for example, for SUSI pins, low-voltage, and energy storage connections.

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